Buffalo 66

[SCREENING] The last time Buffalo 66 played at the North Park—when it premiered there in 1998—Vincent Gallo told me this when I asked him if he now thought of himself as a “filmmaker”:

“I’ve always thought of myself as a hustler, a control freak. Being in a movie has a certain amount of impact: it has social status, it has freedom, money, recognition…it gives me validation, it allows me to take revenge on my mother and father, who doubted me.”

“I’m really a controlling person. I don’t want somebody else to do the cinematography, I don’t want somebody else to do the poster—I did the poster. I don’t want somebody else to do the trailer—I did the trailer. I don’t want somebody else to do the casting—I did the casting. I don’t want somebody else to produce the movie—I produced the movie. I did the music, I designed the shoes, I controlled everything. No one made any decisions on Buffalo 66, no one physically did anything unless it was my concept, my plan, my idea. That felt really good. Am I a filmmaker? No. A control freak and a hustler is what I really am.“ The North Park will once again screen Buffalo 66 on Thursday, April 2, presented by Buffalo Spree

Read the entire interview “From the Vaults: Vincent Callo on Buffalo and Buffalo 66”.



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