Deer Tick

[ALT] Known for putting on a rowdy live show—despite their country-meets-Simon & Garfunkel repertoire—Deer Tick has embarked on an acoustic tour in anticipation of the release of their upcoming folk album. While an acoustic set may (superficially) conflict with the Providence-based quintet’s reputation as hard-partying rockers, it demonstrates a sober maturity that’s been present since their 2013 release, Negativity. Their fifth release, Negativity further solidified frontman John McCauley’s capacity for penning rockers and ballads that bleed heartfelt honesty. Between his divorce and family troubles, McCauley leans on his keen capacity for confessional songwriting with anguish ringing out on tracks like “Mirror Walls.” It showed Deer Tick at their most contemplative and mature since their 2004 inception. Yet, for all of the sorrow boiling beneath the surface, the music doesn’t grieve; rather, the album spews flashy 1970s pop rock, horn-driven jives, and syrupy pop, with occasional detours to their alt-country roots and loud inclinations. Deer Tick may have a lot more fun when they’re rabble-rousing, but their songwriting has improved as they’ve unleashed their stoic side. Their acoustic tour features classics, like “Dirty Dishes” and unreleased cuts off their upcoming album. Catch Deer Tick with Mutual Benefit at Tralf Music Hall on Saturday, March 19.



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622 Main St.
Buffalo, NY