Within the Ruins

[METAL] Going back to a track like “Extinguish Them” from Within the Ruins’ 2009 debut and comparing it to “Objective Reality,” the lead pick off the brand new Halfway Human album, it’s easy to hear the band’s shift in direction. Considered a deathcore outfit, the all-out pumeling math-and-growl approach of this Massachusetts-based four-piece is now tempered (albeit only slightly) by a bit of tidy production work and an auto-tuned vocal passage that serves an intro—the first actual singing to grace a WTR recording. Longtime fans may smell a rat, but cut these guys some slack: front man Tim Goergen has been dogged by heart problems over the years (doing better now) and in 2015 they flipped their tour van three times in Pennsylvania, landing them on the highway median. Nobody was injured, but the van and all their equipment was totaled. Seems like WTR fans should just be psyched their band is still alive and making music at all. Surely they’ll bust out some old material with the new at The Waiting Room on Tuesday, March 21 with guests Amputecht, A Stranger to Remorse, and Inertia. 6:00 p.m. doors, music starts at 6:30.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!