Ten Cent Howl-Album Release Party at Sportsmen's Tavern

[AMERICANA] Buffalo has always had a lot of good music. Sportsmen’s Tavern is often the place to be if you want to see local, national, and international talent at reasonable prices and at a terrifically smart, intimate, and accommodating venue.

This week one Western New York’s favorite musical ensembles, Ten Cent Howl, will be hosting an album release party for Ain’t it Strange at Sportsmen’s. Hold on to your seats! This is an amazing album that delivers all you expect from one of Buffalo’s premier Americana practioners and dare I say it, inventors.

Ten Cent Howl is a sharp, unsweetened, and highly charged version of an already soaring local scene that helps to characterize the Sportsmen’s Tavern sound. This band’s music, musicianship, and stylized videos and images have uplifted the edges of local Americana to exquisite and fun performance and art.

Ain’t it Strange could very well boost Ten Cent Howl from one of Western New York’s favorites and onto the national scene. It is that good.

You might know Ten Cent Howl from this song and video “Dead Arm Dance” and if you do not, please allow me to introduce you:

Wait, maybe its unfair to call Ten Cent Howl an unsweetened version of anything. This is a unique band with plenty of lyrical and musical sweetness . This includes exquisite vocals, sensational and evocative original song-writing, and spectacular musicianship.

The musicians and geniuses behind Ten Cent Howl include one William Smith, known to some of his contemporaries as “Boss Bill.” Boss Bill is the lead singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar player, and evokes the sounds of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Tom Waits, Hank Williams, John Prine, and dare I say it, Bob Dylan. Mostly he is a vocalist of subliminal and sensatory distinction.  I would not doubt that some future reviewer would call his unique and expansive range “Smithsonian”.

Jerry Hall has long been a creative backbone of Ten Cent Howl as one of the driving forces of the group. His sublime yet transmorphic style as the groups bass player and additional vocalist is a signature of the Ten Cent Howl sound.  His creativity spreads through this band and helps catch fire to any audience lucky enough to hear them play.  He is also the master behind much of the bands video and online presence. Jerry is a great artist.

Harmony Griffin is the lead guitarist, has amazing and fun riffs, and is described by others in the group as the bands “teen heart-throb.”

Peter Ramos, is the bands longtime drummer and percussionist. He directs an often no nonsense and sometimes lyrical heartbeat for this band. He is simply spectacular in every performance and it shows well on “Ain’t it Strange.”

Tim Pitcher is banjo, mandolin, and an all-strings wizard. Did someone mention Cosplay?  I love to listen to his riffs. You will also.

Teresa Weakley plays and engaging and fun fiddle, sings with a magnificent and haunting style, and is an increasingly well-known Channel 4 morning anchor. We are glad be hearing a lot more from her sensational musical side.

This is a fine line up of accomplished musicians that like to play and sing together.  We are lucky to have them in our presence. Come to this CD party, buy a CD and help propel this band to the fame and fortune that they deserve!

Sportsmen’s Tavern’s production company Session Studio is producing the album.

If you have ever been to a Ten Cent Howl concert, chances are you have heard their knock-out rendition of “Another Brick in the Wall”.  Ten-Cent Howl takes this Roger Waters classic from Pink Floyd and wraps it in an Americana exaltation that is simply sensational, original, and a pure sign of genius.


CD’s and Ten Cent Howl Merchandise will be available at the show.

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