Let's Get Lifted!

[DISCO] I have to confess: I have a problem. I go to local record stores and buy cheap-ass disco records. It’s become an obsession because there are some really funky, rhythmic treasures to find out there. I share this obsession with a couple of local DJs and that’s where this all starts. We’ve decided to get together and throw a monthly disco, funk, and soul dance party, the last Thursday of the month at Hardware in Allentown and we’re calling it Let’s Get Lifted. DJs Sike and Chris Baran—also known as Bump & Touch—will dig deep into their crates for their favorite disco, funk, soul, and old school hip hop. Maybe we’ll hear some T-Connection or some Gil Scott Heron; maybe some KC and the Sunshine band or something a little more obscure like Rasputin’s Stash. What’s for sure is that it’ll be a good time. We’ll kick it off this Thursday, February 22 at Hardware. Oh yeah, and it’s free.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

245 Allen St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 882-8843