A Benefit for Jonah

[BENEFIT] Jonah is, like any three-year-old, a delightful kid: energetic, charming, full of joy. He is also fighting a rare form of pediatric cancer. Jonah’s parents, who are well known in community activist circles, are having a difficult time keeping up with the attendant bills. To help them to help Jonah in this fight, folks are gathering for A Benefit for Jonah this Sunday, February 17 at Community Beer Works. The suggested donation is $20, but you can give more or less, whatever amount you can afford—just make sure it hurts a little. There will be 50/50s and a basket raffle, as well as live music and other entertainments. Circle up, folks: This is what community is for.

$20 donation


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

520 Seventh Street
Buffalo, NY