Joe Pera

[COMEDY] “Will the real Joe Pera please stand up?” Indeed he will, at Babeville on Friday, February 17, presented by Laugh and Other Drugs. Pera is a salad of awkwardness, best known for his Christmas tree shtick, delivered with the demeanor of an NPR announcer that’s got a touch of Asperger’s – simultaneously calming and off-puttingly-odd. Hailing from here in Buffalo, Pera’s expertise at choosing the correct Christmas tree was a big hit on Adult Swim, earning him an appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers. It’s a little crazy-making, being soothed and infuriated at the same time, but Pera’s gift is that he can get you to laugh while he’s doing it… talent. He’s joined on Friday by beardo comedian Dan Licata, a longtime collaborator who wrote the Christmas Tree spot for Adult Swim, and has been known to join Pera on an absurd (and hilarious) version of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” featuring a bunch of cheap, broken dishes. Clayton Williams and Carson Belle-Isle will also perform, and Zac Dietch hosts.



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