Bad Bad Hats

[INDIE] A Minneapolis-born group, Bad Bad Hats (amusingly, named after a character in the Madeline series of children’s books) makes indie pop that’s built around Kerry Alexander’s breathy warble. The band has proven it’s capable of more than the generic sound of its debut, It Hurts, in the five years since it was released on the MN-based Afternoon label. Listening to “Write It On Your Heart,” the first single from Lightening Round, the band’s second full length, out last August, it’s clear that big strides have been made. The production value has increased significantly, but with it comes a sound more sophisticated, rhythmically complex and emotionally engaging than anything prior. Having recently lost original member Noah Boswell, the band carries on as a trio with Alexander, Chris Hoge, and Connor Davison. They’re back at Babeville’s 9th Ward on Sunday, February 24 before embarking on a string of dates with fellow punk-pop enthusiasts, The Beths.



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The 9th Ward

341 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 852-3835