[POP] If you’ve ever been through Lowell, Ma., it’d be pretty easy to say that it doesn’t seem like much is going on. A slow-to-gentrify, blue-collar, industrial town, it’s hard to believe that Lowell has spawned PVRIS (formerly PARIS, but now changed because of some legal hoo-hah a few years back), which merges pop, punk and electronica is a worldly way that eschews their hometown environs. Released late last summer, All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell turned out to be one of the year’s more hotly anticipated indie releases, and it delivers. By merging the unrelenting energy of the bands 2014 debut with a world-weary darkness, PVRIS sounds grown-up, sophisticated and musically clever without becoming inaccessible or weighted down in gothic camp. Additionally, they haven’t achieved this end by upping their pop ante, either – All We Know… is plenty edgy. Hear how it translates live at Town Ballroom on Wednesday, February 21, with Detroit’s Flint Eastwood in the opening slot and an early set from Sony-subsidiary-signed quartet, Cherry Pools.



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Town Ballroom

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Buffalo, NY
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