The Sound of Music Redux

by / Dec. 21, 2016 5am EST

Franklin Graham — Billy’s son — is a big Donald Trump supporter. This week, he posted this: 

My favorite part of the Sound of Music is how the male protagonist is vocally opposed to the incoming Nazi regime and coming Anschluss, and in the end devises a complicated plot to escape Nazi oppression by going into exile in Switzerland. 

But even more striking is this, from the New York Times, where it’s revealed that Trump’s nominee as National Security Advisor, Retired Gen. Michael Flynn, met recently at Trump Tower with contemporary Austrian Nazi Heinz-Christian Strache, who just overtly cut a deal with Vladimir Putin’s Unity Russia Party

The Sound of Music isn’t just about singing and wholesomeness, and the international faux-populist neo-fascist assault on western liberty is coming. It’s closer than you realize. Why is Trump’s National Security Advisor nominee meeting with Austrian Nazis? The one clear thing that Strache has in common with Trump is they would both agree to end Western sanctions imposed against Putin and his oligarchs in response for the war in Ukraine and the anschluss of Crimea. 

The irony is everywhere.  My only question is which one is Liesl and which one is Rolf?