Image courtesy of the Buffalo History Museum.
Image courtesy of the Buffalo History Museum.

Looking Backward: Burgard Vocational High School, 1930

by / Dec. 18, 2018 6pm EST
Burgard Vocational High School, 368 Kensington Avenue, was completed in 1930, the date of this photograph by Hauser Bob. The Art Deco building with Collegiate Gothic elements is among the most distinguished schools architecturally in Buffalo. As a vocational school, Burgard churned out pilots, aeronautical engineers, automotive mechanics, lithographers, machinists, and the like. In World War II, the school trained tens of thousands of civilians for national defense work, serving as a pipeline of “production soldiers” to plants such as Curtiss Wright and Bell Aircraft. The Buffalo Public Schools completed an ambitious restoration of Burgard Vocational High School in 2009.
Here’s the school in September 2017: