Pic and Chews: Buffalo Chowhounds of Instagram

by / Dec. 7, 2015 12pm EST

 Chowhounds of the Week: Buffalo Brunch Club 

Instagram: @buffalobrunchclub

Twitter: @BuffaloBrunch

Weekends in Buffalo are meant for three things: Bills, brews, and more importantly, brunch. Brunch is the meal designed for those individuals who enjoy sleeping in, but hate the feeling of missing out on a scrumptious breakfast. Some people find it difficult to decide which dish to enjoy first. The Founder (or Mr. Brunch) of the Buffalo Brunch Club is one of those people. While it may seem like brunch is only about huevos and hangovers, there’s a certain amount of complexity that goes into it all. Mr. Brunch has found a passion in discovering what is now and what is next on the Buffalo brunch scene.

To become a connoisseur of brunch, you need to do your research. While most restaurants in Buffalo have hopped on the brunch bandwagon, there are some restaurants who only host “pop up” brunch specials periodically. The Founder and other members of the Buffalo Brunch Club are there to do the research for you. They’re doing their part to spread the brunch-love around to everyone, but they can only do so much with a two-day weekend. Mr. Bunch’s favorite spot to grab brunch on Saturdays is Betty’s, and on Sundays he slides down to Shango to finish off the weekend right. It doesn’t matter where he is, as long as he has his two favorite condiments to drizzle over top: hot sauce and maple syrup. According to The Founder, you need to have sweet and savory components on a brunch plate. “You gotta have both if you want to have a successful brunch. Hot sauce on eggs, and maple syrup on whatever our host has cooking,” he says. While his first love will always be brunch, that’s not all he’s eating. Even if he’s still full from his most important meal of the day, Mr. Brunch always has room for the Duck Ragu from Mulberry’s in Lackawanna.

The Buffalo Brunch Club started their love affair with brunch in many different cities, but found an appreciation with the growing market back in the 716. “Everything from new hockey rinks to entire neighborhoods of new restaurants, we are in love,” he says. Buffalo Brunch Club has big plans in 2016. He hopes to branch out and meet with some of the masterminds behind his favorite brunch spots and interact with his followers. “We found that such a following was gaining that we had to organize our ambitious ideas into a plan… our plan in 2016 is to have weekly events at highlighted locations, with drink and food specials, as well as prizes and give aways,” he says.

The Buffalo Brunch Club is the perfect place to check out what is happening on the brunch scene and to snag up your very own Buffalo Brunch Club apparel. If you get hungry along the way, make sure to share your pics using the Buffalo Brunch Club hashtag. C’mon, join the club, everybody’s doing it.