This Week's Public Picks: Deadwolf + Basha

by / Dec. 5, 2017 3pm EST

Album: Heavy Heart by Deadwolf

Recommended if you like: Beatles, 13th Floor Eleveators, Steppenwolf

Last Friday, Buffalo garage rock band Deadwolf released a full length album titled Heavy Heart. The album, recorded at Afterglow Studios, is 14 tracks of heavily 1960s-influenced psychedelic rock music. Sunny guitars, fuzzed out harmonic vocals, and tambourine heavy percussion characterize many of the album’s retro-tinged tracks. Highlights include the more driving, bad trip inspired “Paranoia Daydream,” the dreamy, groove of “Afterglow” and the album’s title track and first single, a psychedelic rock track that draws inspiration from the Beatles, 13th Floor Elevators, and other psych-pop bands.

EP: Party Time by Basha

Recommended if you like: DJ Earl, DJ Manny, Young Smoke

This week, Buffalo-based producer Basha released a new EP titled Party Time. The three track EP is the fourth release in the producer’s SOS EP series. Full of relentless footwork beats, melodic vocal samples, and massive synth bass lines, the record is a throwback to ravey jungle while simultaneously leaning forward with futuristic compositions and ultra finely tuned mixing.