Photo by Nancy J. Parisi
Photo by Nancy J. Parisi

Listen: Stories from Chef Adam Goetz

by / Dec. 4, 2014 12pm EST

“Buffalo is not behind the times.” You don’t have to get too deep into this week’s Grain of Salt podcast to understand that Chef Adam Goetz tells it how it is. From his years in New York City up to his most current stories from CRāVing Restaurant on Hertel, take a listen to a chef that has been put through the paces and really believes in Buffalo’s food scene.

Listen to our friends at Buffalo Eats chat him up on their Grain of Salt Podcast

This week on Grain of Salt, Donnie talks with Chef Adam Goetz of CRāVing Restaurant. They discuss Adam’s time at the Waldorf Astoria, how the chef with the biggest pantry wins, and Goetz’s six years as a Nickel City Chef.

This episode is hosted by Donnie Burtless and produced by Tom Burtless.