Pic and Chews: Buffalo Chowhounds of Instagram

by / Dec. 1, 2015 12pm EST

 Chowhound of the Week: Liam Eats Food 

 Instagram:  @liameatsfood

Leaving your hometown for college is never easy. It’s your first experience living on your own and your first time dealing with “adult stuff,” like money and how you never seem to have enough of it. Some students embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to try new things. For Syracuse-born college student, Liam, starting at UB was easy as long as he had an open mind, and an open mouth.


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Liam Eats Food was created as a way to share his love of food with the community. “I have a wide variety of favorite foods and enjoy all kinds of food. I just love food so that is what sparked it,” he says. At the top of his food list he likes to keep it fresh with lots of fruits and veggies. One of his favorite local spots just happens to serve the freshest food in Buffalo, Ashkers. He can hang out and devour a roasted red pepper and zucchini panini, sip coffee, and relax with friends. When he craves the sweeter things in life, he makes a trip to a local breakfast spot for a decedent treat. The Nutella and banana crepe from Break’n Eggs Creperie calls his name no matter what time of day it is.


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During his time in Buffalo he has noticed a slight change from the foods he grew up on. While these two cities may be close in proximity, there are huge differences in our pizza, “The pizza is the thing that I notice the biggest difference in. The pepperoni they use here is different and the dough is thicker here than in Syracuse,” he says. However, pizza still continues to be one of his favorite meals despite the contrast. He encourages all college newcomers to try the food they are surrounded by and offers up these tips for students: “look up the best and cheapest places to eat in the city you’re in if you don’t want to eat on campus, and make sure you or one of your friends has a car,” he says.


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Liam can be seen grabbing a bite on campus, off campus, or back in his hometown. Wherever he may be eating there is one rule, it has to be good. If you’re a student, or you’re just looking for some delicious, inexpensive grub check out his page for suggestions on what to try next.