Difficult Night
Difficult Night

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by / Dec. 3, 2014 2pm EST

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Difficult Night – “Ex-Lover” (Song)
Recommended If You Like: Stephen Malkmus, Pavement
Slacker quartet continues to release great, one-off singles via soundcloud. “Ex-Lover” is led by Shane Meyer’s typically desperate vocals.

Bill and Jamie’s House – Snowed In Stairwell Mystery (Album)
RIYL: The Moldy Peaches, sing-a-longs
Recorded live at the Hostel Buffalo-Niagara with Ohio’s Velvet Alphabet during #snowvember, the touching acoustic set features current and former members of Mallwalkers, Sexist, and TMMC.

Fashion Expo 1990 – “Thunder Coast” (Song)
RIYL: 90’s acid house
The latest single of infectious keys and blasting beats from the former dormant bedroom project turned suddenly busy producer (Difficult Night’s Miles Kirsch) will be included on the forthcoming album, Club Bleek.

Jack Topht & Little Cake – “Can I Talk To You About My Son” (Song)
RIYL: MC Chris, Erykah Badu
Soulful folk number from the alternative Allen Town MC and partner in crime, Radarada’s Little Cake. Keep an eye on the pair’s soundcloud account for seemingly weekly additions.

 Local Show Pick of the Week 
Who: Secret Pizza
Where: The Hoyt House
When: Friday, Dec 5 @ 5pm
Cost: $3