Listen: Finessing Buffalo's Food Scene

by / Dec. 1, 2014 11am EST

From a culinary perspective Buffalo’s burgeoning restaurant scene is worth bragging about. But from a design perspective there has been a growing need for branding that brings our city’s taste level up to par. Block Club has been leading the charge in giving many of our region’s latest ventures a vision to match their distinct palate. Some of their work includes The Black Sheep, Buffalo Proper, Oshun, and the upcoming Hotel Henry.     

Listen to our friends at Buffalo Eats chat them up on their Grain of Salt Podcast

Today’s episode features Christa talking with Brandon Davis and Patrick Finan, the founders of Block Club, about the integral role that vision and design play in creating and sustaining a successful restaurant. They’ll also discuss the recently-revealed branding for the new Hotel Henry at the Richardson Complex.

This episode was hosted by Christa Glennie Seychew and produced by Tom Burtless.

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