This Week's Public Picks: Cee Gee + Sonny Baker

by / Nov. 28, 2017 8pm EST

Album: Est. Nineteen — Ninety by Cee Gee
Recommended if you like: Madlib, A Tribe Called Quest, Ka

Hip hop producer Cee Gee A.K.A Columbus Green released a nine-track instrumental hip hop album earlier this week. The album runs through minimalist hip hop sounds which run from utilitarian to mesmerizing. The mostly classic, golden age hip hop inspired tracks range in variety from a simple drum beat and dub bass on “B.A.F.E.” to jazzy minimalism on “Unexpected Moment” and head bobbing chopped up funk on “Mr. Cool”—all landing on the moodier end of the spectrum. According to a statement by the artist, the instrumental album is a place holder of sorts before the release of his already-titled upcoming second album, Classical Gifted.

Single: “Reluctant Thief” by Sonny Baker

Recommended if you like: Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Grizzly Bear

The first single from Sonny Baker’s upcoming album, Steady Hands Dead Tired is titled “Reluctant Thief” and was released earlier this month. On his latest, the Lazlo Hollyfeld frontman delivers a dynamic indie rock burner layered with melodic guitar riffs that underpin his impassioned vocals. Over the last two years, his main project, Lazlo Hollyfeld, has focused on a series of tribute shows to bands including Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, and Arcade Fire, and it’s clear that it’s the Radiohead influence that has seeped further into his own solo music.