Pic and Chews: Buffalo Chowhounds of Instagram

by / Nov. 23, 2015 12pm EST

 Chowhound of the week: 716 Eats 

 Instagram:  @716eats

Buffalo’s food scene is constantly evolving. New restaurants and local vendors are adding their culinary creativity to the mix. Buffalo food is trendy, it’s authentic, it’s experimental, and above all it’s delicious. While there are masterminds behind every exciting new restaurant opening in the city, there are those who would just like to eat. 716 Eats is a food-loving duo on a mission to prove that there are more choices in Buffalo than most people realize. Bella Gambino and Rachel Barnes are eating their way through the city and enjoying every bite.


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These ladies are enjoying the best that Buffalo has to offer. You can see the two of them enjoy some Asian fusion cuisine at Sea Bar or Papaya, or a lighter fare at Ashker’s. During their food-ventures they’ve found their favorites among a list of delicious dishes. To no surprise, these two Buffalo foodies have a local favorite on the top of their list. “Mister Pizza cheese and pepperoni pizza with honey sesame crust is our number one favorite food in the entire world and nothing will ever compare,” they say. When they are craving something a little sweeter, which doesn’t happen that often, it’s all about the sticky toffee pudding at Black Sheep. “The waitress caught me licking the bowl,” Bella says.


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Bella and Rachel have found a passion in supporting local restaurants and vendors. “We love supporting both big and small restaurants around Buffalo that really do have amazing food and deserve to be recognized,” they say. The ladies of 716 Eats have found quite a few hidden gems around the city and continue to explore new places. Their latest favorite: Deep South Taco, which they call “a trendy, big city restaurant offering fresh and delicious Mexican Cuisine.” For inspiration they look to other local food blogs and instagrams like Buffalo Eats to find what they’re going eating next.


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If you’re trying someplace new, or simply just want to share a food pic, use their hashtag (#716eats) or message them on instagram. Check out their page for ideas on where to have your next meal.