Storm as Espied from City Hall Observation Deck

by / Nov. 18, 2014 10am EST

I just ran over to City Hall to take care of some business for our second issue, and was reminded to stop at the observation deck by our Art Director, Amanda Ferreira. If you’re sitting pretty north of the storm (Mayor Brown has called south of Clinton Street the no-fly zone, with a travel ban in effect) and wondering what the hubbub is about, here’s what it is all about. 

The southward view was both sublime and terrifying. Working on plastering the ceiling on the indoors room on top was union painter Karl Mackowiak with two apprentices. Mackowiak shared with me this time-lapse video recorded over about 20 minutes by taping his iPhone to a window. 

In other news, downtown Buffalo is appearing even more desolate than usual, and every snowplow in the city is deployed in South Buffalo. Take care travelling in all of Buffalo, when not on arterial streets.