This Week's Agenda from Loop Magazine

by / Nov. 16, 2016 12am EST

Stay in the Loop with this week’s LGBT happenings in Western New York presented by Loop Magazine

5th Annual Trans Wellness Conference Day 1
10am-8pm Evergreen Commons 262 Georgia St.

10AM Kayden Coleman: Hear the story of the transgender father whose pregnancy story went viral in Nov. 2015. He discusses navigating pregnancy as a man, living his life as a black gay man, and overcoming stigmas associated with being a black transgender man.

11:15AM Raine Scott: An exploration of ways a safe space can be found, offering unique avenues for identity exploration, and ways to set up boundaries for safe spaces by communicating needs.

2PM Noah Lewis, Esq.: The transgender rights attorney discusses the state of trans rights in New York and legislative priorities for trans people.

3PM Shaan Michael Wade: A frank discussion on sex, consent, negotiation, power dynamics and play, as well as tips on working through dysphoria and confidence during sex.

7pm Elliott DeLine: The Syracuse author reads from his works, with a focus on his latest, “No Poster Boy.” Question-and-answer to follow. 

5th Annual Trans Wellness Conference Day 2
11am-7pm Evergreen Commons 262 Georgia St.

11AM Josie Zanfordino: The state-licensed speech-language therapist presents a workshop on voice modification without vocal strain, a step-by-step process to get the body ready for vocal change, and how to identify one’s pitch range.

1PM Lourdes Ashley Hunter: This year’s keynote address discusses state-sanctioned violence, how it manifests in the lives of trans and gender nonconforming people of color, and removing the veil of complicity to expose how cisgender persons benefit from the reinforcement of trans violence. 

2:15PM Shaan Michael Wade: The discussion aims to tackle the conversation on navigating femme identity/expression among trans men, bois and transmasculine persons.

3:45PM Fran Bailey: Fran shares her experience navigating acceptance and discovery of her gender identity, overcoming depression and addiction, and seeking and attaining gender-affirming surgery.

7PM Trans Day of Remembrance: Spectrum WNY presents a public memorial to the lives lost to transphobic violence in the past year.

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