Pic and Chews: Buffalo Chowhounds of Instagram

by / Nov. 16, 2015 11am EST

 Chowhounds of the Week: Savory Moments 

 Love My Booty Foodie 

 Instagram:  @lovemybootyfoodie

There is a certain amount of dedication that goes into being a foodie. There are no off days and there is always a chance to try something new and exciting. Love My Booty Foodie (A.K.A. Ms. New Foodie), originally from Detroit, has the chance to experience new, local food everyday. Although she resides in the 716 now Ms. New Foodie continues to stand by her hometown. “Detroit is the ‘come back town’… You can eat Thai one day, and Greek the next… Each restaurant in Detroit has its own style and identity,” she says. She has found her favorite spots in Buffalo, though, and is happy to share all of her new experiences with her followers.

Ms. New Foodie has enjoyed many meals around the city since moving here, and it didn’t take her long to discover her new favorite joint. She discovered a new favorite when trying this cross-boarder delicacy for the first time, Buffalo Chicken Poutine from Allen Street Poutine. “This was my first time eating Poutine and I was not let down,” she says. This isn’t your typical Poutine; it begins with your classic Poutine base of gravy and cheese curds but then it’s finished with chunks of chicken, blue cheese, and a healthy dose of Buffalo wing sauce. This dish is the perfect cultural mix of Buffalo and our neighbors to the north. It’s not only the food that has brought her into Allen Street Poutine but also the atmosphere has made it one of her most cherished spots in Buffalo. “The restaurant has a very relaxed vibe with an eye catching bright red vintage marquee,” she says.

Ms. New Foodie enjoys all different types of food. She, like most foodies out there, falls at both ends of the sweet and savory spectrum. “I love sweets and eat them everyday, but if I had to pass up a custard waffle cone for some home made mac n cheese I would.” Chalk her up as a comfort food fanatic. If it’s hot, crunchy, cheesy, or gooey she’ll eat it. “Some of my all time favorite foods are traditional comfort foods,” she says. Though she’s miles from her hometown, she’s finding substitutions for her favorites from back in Detroit and she follows foodies much like herself to find her next bite. “Instagram is the perfect source when looking for new restaurants adventures,” Ms. New Foodie says.

Love My Booty Foodie is always looking for new places to try. Use her hashtag (#lovemybootyfoodie) to let her know about your favorite food in Buffalo. If you’re looking for someplace new, or you’re planning a road-trip to Detroit, follow her page for ideas on where you should eat next.