Redhead and Red-breasted Merganser males on the Niagara River November 2013  Photo by Jay Burney
Redhead and Red-breasted Merganser males on the Niagara River November 2013  Photo by Jay Burney

Sunday Morning Television: Niagara Birdscape

by / Nov. 15, 2015 9am EST

GreenWatch: Sunday Morning Television

Niagara River Birdscape


Today’s Sunday Morning video shows bird activity and diversity on the Niagara River during the months of November 2013 –March 2014.

The footage depicts Bonaparte Gulls in an amazing set of feeding frenzies, and a remarkable and rare visit to our area by an Elegant Tern, a bird more familiar along the Pacific coast.

This video was completed last year and is shown here for the first time.

The video compliments this weeks GreenWatch article posted at the Public earlier this week:

Novembers Birds and the Magnificent and Powerful Niagara River Gull Migration

The birds of November are on the Niagara and are here now. they can be observed and enjoyed today almost anywhere along the Buffalo Outer harbor, and the Niagara River from Lake Erie to Lake Ontarion and on both sides of our international border.

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