This Week's Public Picks: Camouflage Monk

by / Nov. 14, 2017 8pm EST

Records: Side A and Side B by Camoflauge Monk

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Earlier this week, Buffalo-based hip hop artist Camoflauge Monk released two records via Bandcamp titled Side A and Side B. The instrumental beat-based tracks across the two records range from ironically idyllic on tracks like “Drama on Wilcox Avenue,” to foreboding on tracks like “Per Capita.” 

The titles of the tracks across both records all reference works by the artist Basquiat. The mostly downtempo tracks begin with clips from interviews with Basquait which refer to his working process before launching into minimal and hypnotically repetitive hip hop beat loops. 

“Poison Oasis” on Side B pairs a moody saxophone sample with pattering, minimal drums while “God, Law” on Side A, the only track to feature a vocal sample, however brief, builds tension with heavily echoed piano vamps and distant percussion. Of the seven tracks across the two releases, four are available for streaming right now while the rest are available with purchase of the records.