Agency Gives Employees Best/Worst Reward Ever

by / Nov. 11, 2014 1pm EST

Achieving a work-life balance can be a difficult process. While we may feel extremely passionate about what we do from nine to five (or six or seven or later!) demands at the office can sometimes make us feel like a stranger to our loved ones.

Taking a jab at their own work culture, Toronto based creative agency Union decided to have a little fun with its employees in this too-close-to-home video. Watch:

UNION 2014 — AOTY video from Bolts and Gears on Vimeo.

After getting shortlisted for Strategy magazine’s Agency of the Year awards Union filmed their employees receiving a beautiful gift from the company: A visit from their own families! A clever and maybe too realistic reward.

Pat Sandora-Nastyn is a writer and video producer. You can find Pat talking about pop culture and relationships with his husband, Billy, on their super creatively titled YouTube channel Billy & Pat.