This Week's Public Picks: Spruke

by / Nov. 7, 2017 6pm EST

Album: Pieces—A Thousand Albums At The End Of America by Spruke

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Buffalo-based musician Spruke A.K.A. Bill Boulden has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his next record, Pieces—A Thousand Albums At The End Of America. For this ambitious project, the artist, with the help of a team of more than 20 individuals, aims to record a thousand different versions of the album, which will be sold to Kickstarter supporters. Each different version of the album will combine to tell the full story. 

The project is the follow up to his 2015 project, Music To Die Alone In Space To. Each copy of Music To Die Alone in Space To featured unique, slightly different compositions of each song. Pieces will take that concept a step further in that each of the thousand copies of the record will be completely different. From the Kickstarter page: “There are dozens of recordings, some with twenty or more minutes of source material, that only appear in short, glitched segments on each individual copy.” The music on each copy will be randomly generated using algorithms; everything, from the chord progressions to the reverb and delay settings will be randomized

For more information or to support this project search for  Pieces—A Thousand Albums At The End Of America on Kickstarter.