This Week's Public Picks: Truey V

by / Oct. 31, 2017 3pm EST

EP: T R A P R A G E by Truey V

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The latest record from Buffalo-based hip hop artist Truey V is titled T R A P R A G E and it was released on October 31. The EP features 13 tracks in total that flow through fully produced, slick trap bangers broken up by psychedelic, hypnotic, funny, and atmospheric interludes.

A running theme through out the album is a paranoia induced by social media. “No Snaps Ina Trap” is a warning to guests at the trap house not to take Snapchat photos as to not expose any nefarious activity. In the following interlude, the consequences are pretty explicitly laid out. 

Other highlights include the low-key album opener “Hussle,” which simmers through into the next interlude, a rant about the pitfalls of technology; “Inuyasha (feat. Hitch Burney),” which features a head bobbing, minimal trap beat and production that sounds like something you’d hear on a Danny Brown record; and “T H I S D A T,” one of the album’s most bombastic and noisy which has Truey V rapping with a relentless flow through lyrics about women, drugs, and grinding it out in the rap game. 

Listen to T R A P R A G E on Soundcloud.