Lake Erie at Big Sister Creek, Bennett Beach
Lake Erie at Big Sister Creek, Bennett Beach

GreenWatch Sunday Televison

by / Oct. 22, 2017 10am EST

Ever wonder why you cannot swim for much of the summer along the Lake Erie Beaches?

You are probably aware that relatively unmitigated sewer releases have happened this summer at Niagara Falls.  However, virtually every creek, river, and tributary contributes polluted runoff to the Lake Erie shoreline.  This happens throughout the Great Lakes.

When it rains, sewer systems that might be expected to dump treated sewerage into our rivers and creeks, our water suppies and swimming areas are overwhelmed with runoff.  This comes from industrial and agricultural areas as well as roadways, urban lots, and overflowing combined sewer systems that make up how many of our sewer systems work.

We use our waterways as dumps. Often it is legal. It is also very costly to our health and quality of life. In the Age of Trump, We have to find ways to do better.


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This video was shot in June of 2017 at Big Sister Creek near Bennet Beach in Erie County New York.  the creek flows into Lake Erie adjacent to what has been described as one of our most beautiful beaches.  Just one moment of polluted runoff in an increasingly poisoned Great Lakes watersystem