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by / Oct. 14, 2015 12am EST

Stay in the Loop with this week’s LGBT happenings in Western New York presented by Loop Magazine

4th Annual Trans* Wellness Conference
Evergreen Commons, 262 Georgia St.

The Trans* Wellness Conference is an opportunity to bring members of the trans* community together with community allies and providers of health and human services to share in learning and experience. Participation in any or all activities is free of charge.  Visit for a full listing of workshops and talks, as well as to register. Below are the entertainment offerings at the conference.

Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps
7PM at Evergreen Commons, 262 Georgia St.

Written and performed by Scott Turner Schofield, this “choose-your-own-adventure,” one-man play engages the deep questions and locker room jokes about what it means to become a man. Schofield’s stories explore the drama and hilarity of living a mew life in the “opposite” gender.

Angelica Ross in Concert
8PM at Evergreen Commons, 262 Georgia St.

A live concert showcasing the talents of Miss Ross as a singer/songwriter, in addition to being a trans activist and CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises. Her mission, in music as well as in life, is to spread a message to all people, transgender and cisgender alike, that their lies and the journey of their lives are uniquely sacred and valuable.

The AMoore Project
7PM at Evergreen Commons, 262 Georgia St.

An artist, activist, advocate, storyteller and documenter, Ari Moore has been an institution in the local LGBT community for four decades. Through her collection of personal photographs dating back to the 1970s, personal memories, and three newly crafted murals, Moore presents an unprecedented look at the evolution of a community.

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