Pic and Chews: Buffalo Chowhounds of Instagram

by / Oct. 12, 2015 8am EST

 Chowhounds of the week: Love in Motion 

 Instagram:  @loveinmotionyoga


This duo has more than their yoga-loving flexibility in common; Kate and Kathleen from Love in Motion share another similar taste: delicious, locally grown, wholesome, food. Their motto, “yoga, food, good fun and crazy love!” These ladies are fueling their inner fire with grub that’ll make you wish you had clicked the “follow” button sooner.


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Amongst the pictures of crazy backbends and headstands, they feature their delicious edibles made locally in their kitchen or in someone else’s. Kath, full time mommy of two and yoga teacher, believes that knowing where your food is from is the biggest win when it comes to fresh, local ingredients, “sourcing where everything you eat comes from, from eggs to cheese to broccoli, makes you so much more connected to your food and what goes into it, and ultimately what goes into your body!” In and out of the studio, Kate and Kath run a busy schedule on a daily basis, but they carry some easy recipes up their sleeves to ensure they are always eating fresh. Kate snags up a breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) “egg sammie.” Her secret weapons when it comes to this morning marvel, mascarpone cheese and everything bagels from one of her favorite local spots, BreadHive Co-op Bakery.  Kathleen loves a good sweat potato hash (tip: the recipe is one their blog, so you can go check it out yourself), or a big pile of “basil zoodles,” spiralized zucchini noodles drowning in a homemade pesto, “so good you could drink it!”


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Don’t be fooled, since a yogi’s life is all about balance they let themselves indulge too. Kate, a self-proclaimed “recovering vegan,” swears by the occasional stack of peanut butter cups and gooey grilled cheese. Kathleen prefers something a little bit simpler, a classic, toast with lots and lots of butter—”butter on every damn bite! Again, it tastes so much better when you used to be vegan.”

With the way these ladies cook, Kate and Kath can make anything look and taste decadent. Their style of cooking and eating is eclectic and filled with cultural flavors (#peanutsauceoneverything).  It’s the addition of bright, local produce and fresh herbs that light up any plate they photograph. You can’t click off their page without envying their shopping lists and their stomachs.


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