This Week's Public Picks: Dirt War + Sleepy Sad Sack

by / Oct. 10, 2017 8pm EST

EP: Loss by Dirt War

Recommended if you like: Weedeater, Sleep, Eyehategod

Hardcore band Dirt War released their EP, Loss, this week. The EP, recorded  at GCR Audio with engineer Jay Zubricky, is full of gnarly distorted hardcore, and sludgy stoner metal on tracks like “Seeking Vengeance” and “Loss,” respectively. The album’s longest track, “Endgame,” which clocks in at three minutes and 30 seconds is a microcosm of the record, alternating between fuzzy downtempo doom riffs and punk beats with vocalist Ben Barbour’s annihilated vocals cutting through

Album: This is Cool by Sleepy Sad Sack

Recommended if you like: Daniel Johnston, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sparklehorse

This is Cool is the new full length album from singer/songwriter Sleepy Sad Sack. Consisting mostly of fairly minimal indie folk tracks with a quirky, weird twist, the songs seem to be heavily influenced by songwriters like Daniel Johnston. Lyrical themes include death, depression, and mania, but the music sounds mostly uplifting. Most of the 18 tracks on the album clock in at under two minutes in length, making for a collage-like feel to this left-field folk record.