Our Top Picks of Places to Watch a Sabres Game

by / Oct. 8, 2015 12pm EST

Hockey season is upon us. The Buffalo Sabres play their first official game of the season tonight at the First Niagara Center against Ottawa Senators. If you’re like us, you’re thinking “this is the year, baby!” And who knows? Maybe this IS the year? One thing is for sure, they haven’t lost yet!

So now that we’ve established that you are indeed just like us, then you too did not score tickets to this coveted game tonight. Fear not! We’ve done some research. We’ve tasted the beers, we’ve viewed the TVs, and we’ve chowed down the nachos so that we could provide you with the best insights into where you should watch this game (and all future games). So here we go: our top places to view a Buffalo Sabres game this season.

Amanda FerreiraProduction Manager/Graphic Designer
Pick: Mr. Goodbar

“More than 30 beers on tap? Check. Multiple flat screen TVs, including a massive projection screen, everywhere? Check. Bar snacks galore? Check! Goodbar is one of the best places to watch a game on the Elmwood strip. If the game ends up being a snoozefest, you can always amuse yourself by playing pool, darts, trying new beers or eating a mountain of tater tots. Go Sabres!”

Geoff KellyEditor-in-Chief 
Pick: Founding Fathers Pub

“Free nachos—not great nachos, but free ones. A handsome and perfectly serviceable bar. The possibility of spontaneous American history trivia quizzes from the owner, Mike. Plus, I have never (and calculate the odds of this) ever watched the Sabres lose a game here. I use that magic sparingly.”

Sean HeidingerDirector of Community Engagement
Pick: Bada Bing Sports Bar & Grill

“They have a thousand TVs, an actual Jumbo Tron, and they even have siren and goal light for when the Sabres score. Not to mention a fantastic bar staff and a room filled with familiar faces.”

Billy Sandora-NastynSocial Media Director
Pick: Lockhouse Distillery & Bar

“I’m all about what the new options are. Lockhouse is the latest spot for watching the game and happens to be in earshot of the arena. You can down a variety of New York State spirits and local brews while watching the home opener, which will be shown on two TVs! If the weather is right, they may even open their garage door to soak up the arena in all its glory.”

Aaron LowingerManaging Editor 
Pick: My home office or the Lenox Grill

“Ever since Darcy Regier announced his reign of suffering, I’ve shut the Sabres out of my entertainment schedule, choosing to peek in at times via my favorite Russian bootleg websites. But I’m back on the warpath now, and looking to blaze new trails. Lenox Grill has long been a favorite of mine on game night in years previous, now might be time to rekindle the flame.”

Cy Alessi, Advertising Sales Manager
Pick: Colter Bay

“They have seven TVs, hot bartendresses, and drink specials!”

Cory PerlaMusic Editor 
Pick: My parent’s house in Clarence.

“I always get an end seat on the couch in front of the big screen TV, there’s FREE pizza dip and Heineken, and I don’t get kicked out if I pass out drunk after the game. Bonus: they allow dogs.”

Kevin ThurstonSales Representative
Pick: Amherst Pizza & Ale House

“I will go alone for the “Hockey Night in Amherst“ special: a half-price medium pizza and half-price Coors Lt or Molson pitcher during every game. This special is valid until the Sabres win the Stanley Cup. Look for a bald man eating and drinking his way towards death, racing both death and the Sabres hoisting The Cup. Only one of these things is certain…”

What are you favorite spots to watch the Sabres? Share yours below…