Do Not Show Up at MLK Jr. Park With Masks and Weapons

by / Sep. 26, 2017 4pm EST

This is a public service announcement: On Friday night, do not show up at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in “Purge gear.” Though, according to WIVB, the next Purge movie is shooting in Buffalo, it is not being shot this Friday at Martin King Jr. Park. Why would anyone think it is? Because a satirical Facebook page that somehow snagged the name “The City of Buffalo” says it is. 

Admittedly, this page has posted some funny stuff. There was the post about requiring people to recite the Pledge of Allegiance upon entering City Hall, and the friendly reminder that murder is still a crime. But those were pretty obviously satirical. This one is not, as evidenced by the hundreds of comments by unsuspecting folks who may or may not be planning to actually show up to MLK Jr. Park with “Purge gear” on this Friday. It’s not your fault if you believed this Fake News™, but just try to use some common sense in your adventures through cyberspace.