This Week's Public Picks

by / Sep. 21, 2016 12am EST

The Public’s weekly local music reviews and previews.

 Single:  “Let Me” by HVNNIBVL

 Recommended if you like:  Le1f, SOPHIE, The Chainsmokers

Buffalo’s HVNNIBVL a.k.a. John Hannibal has recently a new pop single titled “Let Me.” The track, part EDM banger, part slicker-than-sin pop track showcases Hannibal’s meticulously crafted vocals and hi definition beats. At times the production on the track seems like it’s cranked so tight that it might just burst, but HVNNIBVL relieves the tension just a little bit, averting disaster. 

 Single:  “Whisper” by Short Moscato

 Recommended if you like:  DJ Shadow, Sage Francis, The Avalanches

The latest release from Buffalo rapper Short Moscato is “Whisper,” a moody, slow burning track produced by Moscato and Medasin. The track begins with a brief on enlarging ones consciousness through meditation, delivered by The Beatles’ George Harrison through the hazy smoke of woozy, colorful beats.