Mickey Kearns: "Democrat"

by / Sep. 19, 2017 5am EST

Someday, Republican / Conservative Fusion Party candidate for County Clerk Michael “Mickey” Kearns will tell you he’s a Democrat. 

When that day comes, show him this. 

Ask “Mickey” Kearns which Democratic values he holds. 

Ask him about a woman’s right to choose. Ask him about same-sex marriage. Ask him about whether he’d allow unfettered ownership and possession of any and all firearms by any person present in the United States. Ask him to cite the jurisdiciction, law, statute, or regulation enabling a county clerk to have anything whatsoever to do with “illegal immigration” or abortion rights. 

With this one flyer, Kearns has forever and completely foreclosed for himself the right to call himself a Democrat — centrist, liberal, or otherwise. He’s just a craven opportunist.