Map: Downtown Near Curtain Up!

by / Sep. 14, 2016 12am EST

Some of our old and new downtown favorites just a short metro ride away… 

 1  Maureen’s Wholesale Flower Market / 441 Ellicott St.

Where better to spruce up your Curtain Up wardrobe, or find the right bouquet for your favorite performer after the show?

 2  Cuba Rosa / 454 Pearl St.

One of downtown’s newest culinary additions is this Cuban outpost across from rear entrance of Shea’s. One can only hope and pray that Cuban music is also on the way. 

 3  Spot Coffee / 227 Delaware Ave.

Old favorite a perfect, cozy spot for a hot drink, a sweet nosh, and a lively chat after the show. 

 4  Electric Avenue / 300 Ellicott St.

One of the few bars downtown that hasn’t changed at all in 30 years. OK, there’s flat screen TVs. Worth a visit any time you can make it in. 

 5  Buffalo Proper / 333 Franklin St.

Family-style dining done elegantly and right, with a focus on Buffalo-sourced ingredients throughout the menu that will make the colder weather to come much more palatable.   

 6  Marble + Rye / 112 Genesee St.

Maybe your best pre-show cocktail option. Though priding itself on its whiskeys, we heartily recommend the smoky notes of their mezcal mix “La Brando.” 

 7  Raclettes / 537 Main St.

Get to Raclettes while you can still sit outside on a warm evening. Bistro-style food (featuring raclette, melted cheese served with various accoutrement), a deli case with treats to bring home, lovely cocktails (served in reasonable-sized glasses), and a strong wine list.