This Week's Public Picks: The Get Money Squad

by / Sep. 12, 2017 8pm EST

Album: Ruff Buff by The Get Money Squad
Recommended if you like: Mac DeMarco, Ariel Pink, Dean Blunt

Released earlier this week on Spotify and Apple Music, The Get Money Squad’s debut full length record, Ruff Buff, is full lo-fi indie rock with a dream pop finish. The nine track album moves from distorted, hazy chillwave inspired indie rock to surfy dream pop, and funky jangle rock across its 27 minutes. 

Guitarist and songwriter Jon Bap paints each song with a palette of dazed, meandering guitar chords that come off at once with sun drenched beauty and kaleidoscopic dimension. Bap lays down the foundation of most songs with his sing-songy guitar melodies and thinly sliced, rainbow colored chord progressions, but fully lets loose with a simple and hooky guitar solo on “Youth.” 

Other highlights include the late album single “June 66,” which bounces singer Quinton Brock’s reverberated vocals off of Bap’s infections jangly guitar lines; The tongue in cheek 1960s surf rock throwback “Not Far” and tranquilizing album opener “Back Again.”