This Week's Public Picks: Confirmation + Jack Topht

by / Sep. 5, 2017 6pm EST

Album: ++++ by Confirmation

Recommended if you like: Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, Naomi Punk

Lo-fi post-punk band Confirmation has just released a record titled ++++. The six track record, with songs titled in roman numerals, runs through choppy, raw punk. A stew of unintelligible vocals and croaking guitars boil up through the driving drums and bass on this quick list of primal punk tracks that mostly clock in under two minutes. 

Single: “We Can’t Go Back Now” by Jack Topht

Recommended if you like: MC Chris, Reggie Watts, Dr. Awkward

The first single from an upcoming 22 track album from Jack Topht is titled “We Can’t Go Back Now.” The DIY track about the DIY musician lifestyle is a punky freak-out that disintegrates into chaos in under two minutes. The full album, titled The Cold Rhyme Collection, is set for release on September 25.