Looking Backward: Greyhound Bus Station

by / Sep. 5, 2017 8pm EST
The former Greyhound Bus Station, 672 Main Street, represented at its opening in 1941 the highpoint of intercity bus travel in the United States. Designed in the Art Moderne style by William S. Arrasmith, the station was intended to symbolize, like the streamline Greyhound buses designed by Raymond Loewy, “a graceful machine in motion.” As Buffalo’s principal bus depot, it was for over a generation a place for coming and going, greeting, and departing. In this photograph likely taken shortly after the station’s closure in 1977, the Greyhound sign has been removed. The City of Buffalo would purchase the vacant building in 1979, renovating a portion as a police station. Alleyway Theatre took up residence in part of the building in 1985, and took over the rest in 2000. The towering Greyhound blade sign is all that is missing from the building that captured that imagination of travelers decades ago.