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by / Sep. 5, 2017 6pm EST


Policing​ ​the​ ​Black​ ​Man:​ ​Arrest,​ ​Prosecution​ ​and​ ​Imprisonment
Edited​ ​by​ ​Angela​ ​J.​ ​Davis

Pantheon,​ ​2017

Angela J. Davis, professor of law at AU’s Washington College of Law, is an expert on prosecutorial power and racial disparities in the criminal justice system. In this new anthology, she brings together essays on the unconscionable treatment of black men at various stages of the criminal process.

Contributors include Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, who reveals the seamless link between lynching and capital punishment in his essay “A Presumption of Guilt.” Also notable is Kristin Henning’s “Boys to Men” on the devastating role of policing in the socialization of black youth.

Policing the Black Man is so important because it provides a comprehensive and readable overview of the issues, which gives us an excellent starting point for rethinking the purpose and function of policing in its entirety.




Too​ ​Much​ ​and​ ​Not​ ​the​ ​Mood
By​ ​Durga​ ​Chew-Bose

FSG​ ​Originals,​ ​2017

Durga Chew-Bose’s debut book, Too Much and Not the Mood, is a collection of prose that is part memoir, part cultural criticism. The first essay “Heart Museum,” is 93 pages of sweeping free association, or what Chew-Bose calls “massed-together nostalgia and unrelated brain waves”. She writes about growing up in Montreal, the women she admires, family photographs, the joys of living alone, her first love peeling an orange—insights and observations that all impart a certain way of seeing that is best described as cinematic.

Durga, if you’re reading this, we are ready for your directorial debut.

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