This Week's Public Picks: Short Moscato + Just Ending Now

by / Aug. 16, 2017 3am EST

Album: vows by just ending now

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The latest release from just ending now a.k.a. Jeremy Jermaine Jerome is a seven track record titled vows. The album, released in late July, lands on the more restrained end of the spectrum as far as releases from the usually bombastic, chaotic artist go. The album has the Jermaine sneaking stealthy through ecclesiastical metaphors, existential questions, and paradoxical statements amid experimental production that often consist of fountains of static and pulverized percussive beats. The tracks never run over 3 minutes in length, which means the listener is never biting off more than they can chew as far as Jermaine’s dense lyrics and frequently unnerving beats go. In total, the album is an inevitably bizarre journey through the artfully twisted philosophies of an outsider artist. 

Album:  My First Pair of Slippers by Short Moscato

Recommended if you like: Illa J, Jonwayne, Knwxledge

Buffalo rapper Short Moscato released his new full length album, My First Pair of Slippers earlier this week. The album features 11 tracks that move from aggressive trap-style beats to low key psychedelic sounds, and more experimental tracks. The album also features a few notable local names, include two talented female vocalist MCs, Hop Hop and Little Cake. Highlights include the combative “New Trap Boom Bap” featuring Hop Hop, the soulful, jazzy “Cigars From Havana,” and the hazy, drifting “Snow Drift” featuring Illusive. The album comes off as Short Moscato’s most cohesive and well produced project to date. It’s now available for streaming on most streaming services.