This Week's Public Picks: Cages

by / Aug. 14, 2018 3pm EST

Album: Inside a Ringing Chord by Cages

Recommended if you like: Bjork, Sun O))), Throbbing Gristle

The latest album from Buffalo experimental noise duo Cages is titled Inside a Ringing Chord. The album, which was released on August 1, is six tracks  full of intense, complex, and texturally rich avant-garde string compositions. Cages, which is the duo of Nola Ranallo and David Bailey, employed a massive team of local talent to help them compose and arrange the material, including cellist TJ Borden. 

The songs range in length from around four minutes to more than 20 minutes, beginning with the sinister, tone-setting opener, “Savasana,” the title of which refers to the corpse pose in yoga. This moves into the 20-minute, haunting string and voice odyssey “D.I.E.?” That’s followed by the lush, emotional though terrifying “Disappearing Wall,” which seems to wear a pop song as a disguise to hide something horrifying lurking underneath. “Something to Carry in the Dark” is as close to a respite from the terror as comes to this point, before the album moves into a more meditative, mesmerizing, and droning section dubbed “Sufferer.” The album closes with the devastating, 23-minute “Devil.” 

Stream the album in its entirety for free on Bandcamp or buy the CD.