Monarchs at Buffalo's Times Beach Nature Preserve
Monarchs at Buffalo's Times Beach Nature Preserve

Watch: Monarch Butterfly Release at Times Beach

by / Aug. 9, 2015 10am EST
You may have heard that the Monarch Butterfly is in steep decline and is currently being evaluated for protection under the Endangered Species Act.
Our region plays an important role in conservation efforts for this iconic and familiar butterfly. This weeks sunday morning video is about conservation efforts that are ongoing at Times Beach Nature Preserve in downtown Buffalo just across the Buffalo River from Canalside.
On Wednesday August 5 The Friends of Times Beach Nature Preserve partnered with the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm of Clarence to release Monarch Butterflies and caterpillars as a part of the nature preserves pollinator conservation program. The event was dedicated to MaryAnne Coyle, a friend of Times Beach who recently passed away. Today’s video is about that event.