GreenWatch: Kites on Buffalo's Outer Harbor

by / Aug. 2, 2015 9am EST

This week’s Sunday morning video profiles beautiful flying things on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. The Kite Festival was held on July 24 at the Outer Harbor State Park, and videographed by Jay Burney. This video is dedicated to the memory of MaryAnne Coyle, who was working with Jay on the video when she passed away suddenly last week.  A memorial Monarch butterfly release will occur at Times Beach Nature Preserve on Wednesday August 5, at 4:30pm to be followed by a tour of the Nature Preserve.  

Donations to Friends of Times Beach and the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm will be accepted at the event. We will pass the hat. Bring a couple of dollars to support pollinator conservation!

Brought to you by GreenWatchThe Public, and the Friends of Times Beach Nature Preserve.