This Week's Public Picks: Venus Vacation + just ending now

by / Jul. 31, 2018 7pm EST

Album: Muggerhugger by Venus Vacation

Recommended if you like: Broken Social Scene, The Flaming Lips, Deerhoof

The latest album from Buffalo-based rock band Venus Vacation, formerly known as Major Arcana, is titled Muggerhugger and was released this week. With aspects of post-rock, alt rock, and indie rock, and punk, sometimes all within one track, the record almost never goes where you expect it to. Case in point, the album opener, “Lighthouse,” ticks up level after level from chilled-out guitar noodling until singer-with-only-one-name Vivian is screaming hysterically into the mic aided by huge, distorted guitars. The album, recorded at Mommoth Studios in Buffalo, is available for streaming on Bandcamp now. 

Single: “gothic error” by just ending now

Recommended if you like: Death Grips, Tyler the Creator, Shabazz Palaces

Eccentric alternative hip hop artist just ending now, a.k.a. Jeremy Jermaine Jerome, makes a comeback with a new song titled “gothic error.” The two-minute-and-32-second song is a discordant, strange trip complete with wolf-like howls from Jerome, who tackles religious themes and makes references to Sling Blade. Stream the track on Soundcloud now.