Public Speaking: ElectroPat Infringement Interview

by / Jul. 27, 2015 12pm EST

Hey pod-gang: “LET’S GET THIS PODDY STARTED!” (original podcasting joke, must credit Pat Kewley)

This week we have a very special episode for you! Why? Because EVERY EPISODE IS SPECIAL! But this one is extra-special, because it is all about the BUFFALO INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL, a real festival that happens ever year in Buffalo! HEAR ElectroPat, the futuristic podcasting super-bot, interview festival organizers Heather Gring and Curt Rotterdam, and try to get to the heart of what Infringement is all about, as well as try to learn more about our HUMAN WAYS. Maybe you’ll learn something too!

Learning! Podcasting! POD! LET’S POD!

Pat Kewley is a Buffalo writer, comic, and artist