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Infringement Spotlight: Cat Sinclair of The Stripteasers

by / Jul. 22, 2015 10am EST

 Name: Cat Sinclair of The Stripteasers 

 Age: 28 

Describe what you will do this year as part of Infringement Festival.
I am one of the visual arts organizers. I am hosting the Sex Positive night at Ol’ Wondermoth on Friday, July 24. I am most excited to be performing burlesque and stand-up comedy for “The Worst Show Ever” on Tuesday, July 28 at Nietzsche’s. I will be doing burlesque and posing for S&M figure drawing at Wet Dreamland on Thursday, July 30. I will be doing burlesque to live poetry at “Wam Bam Thank You Slam” on Saturday, August 1 at The Gypsy Parlor. I will also be at Kidfringement doing chalk art and the Where’s Waldo bombing, and helping run the kids paint wall at the College Street Block Party. In addition my paintings will be displayed at both Hot Mama’s Canteen and Dreamland. I’m sure there’s more…

What inspires you to create your art?
My art is inspired by everything! I want to challenge the status quo and what it means to be a plus size woman. My art is about giving a voice to the exploited and poking fun at politics and gender roles. I use sex appeal and sass to make people think and question. 

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done in the name of art?
The strangest thing I’ve done in the name of art? Why, that’s tough! I would say performing in drag at the Montreal Infringement festival to the song “America, Fuck Yeah” and pulling about 20 American flags out of my giant plush strap-on penis. Or maybe it was last year’s Infringement when I rode my pimped-out tricycle from Babeville to the Wet Dreamland show wearing muttonchops, a beard, a tie-dye wolf shirt, and an adult diaper. 

Describe your favorite Infringement moment in past years’ events.
I have had so many magical Infringement moments. I love how art can happen anywhere and is often improvisational. From the early days at Nobody’s, showing my giant paintings for the first time at Gateway Gallery; the Anal Pudding space costume parties at Nietzsche’s…to last year dressing up little kids like gnomes, participating in Car Stories, or watching the Folkfaces busk in front of Antique Man. Seeing Dave Adamzyk shredding his violin on Curt’s roof during the College Street Block Party; the Albrights in the roof of the Broadway Market; Hoopnosis fire art show in Day’s Park; or even last year when I did street burlesque in front of Picasso Moon and a fire truck stopped and the fireman all watched, hooted, and hollered as I spun my tassels and parasol in the sunlight. But the moment that stands out in my mind was saying the final speech dressed as Walter in The Big Lebowski and dedicating it with tears streaming down my face to my dear friend Chelsea Lee Jones, who passed away only days before the show during last year’s festival. The Buffalo Infringement Festival is my favorite part of the summer and makes me proud to live in Buffalo, it revitalizes my soul and the city. All of the artists inspire me beyond belief. I can’t wait to make new crazy memories this year! Bring it on!