Public Speaking: Dr. Kevin Thurston

by / Jul. 20, 2015 10am EST
WHOA DUDES. Are you ready for this? A SCORCHING HOT pod-blast of a podcast this week, as your humble correspondent Pat “Peter” Kewley sits down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with the one and only DR. KEVIN THURSTON, Expert in Men’s Feelings and world-renowned Feelings Columnist for the Lankville Daily News. Listen to their freewheeling and freeform dis-free-scussion, and educate yourself about feelings, men, and men’s feelings.
Trust me, all you pod-dudes and cast-ettes out there: if this episode was any better, they’d have to make it illegal. Which would be bad for me, because I have two strikes already.

Pat Kewley is a Buffalo writer, comic, and artist