This Week's Public Picks: Bold Folly, Intent to Sell

by / Jul. 19, 2017 1pm EST

Album: More Garbage Than Art by Bold Folly

Recommended if you like: Captain Beefheart, Ariel Pink, Deer Hunter

A 6 track record titled More Garbage Than Art was recently released by the Buffalo-based psychedelic indie rock band Bold Folly. The drowsy, stoned-out record is full of meandering guitar sounds, odd vocals, and slow motion drums. The record moves from noisy feedback fueled experimentations to krautrocky mechanical jam rock, sometimes within the same song. Highlights include the intense and unhinged “Lake Michigan,” the lazy and sunny “Dogfight,” and the more grungy “Streets.”


Album: Free the Free Minded by Intent to Sell

Recommended if you like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime

Buffalo hip hop/rock group Intent To Sell released their first album, Free the Free Minded on June 22. The seven track album bounces between rock, hip hop, jazz, and funk seamlessly, and their positive attitude and lyrics come across as refreshing throughout the record. Jazzy samples come up against a rock-based instrumental and an aggressive flow on album opener “What’s Happening.” Other highlights include the Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque “Automatic” and “My Brotha,” and the more low key “D.O.C.,” possibly the most radio-friendly track on the record.