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by / Jul. 12, 2017 10am EST

Album: It’s My Turn!!!… The Throne Ascension LP by The Supreme General

Recommended if you like: Ka, Ab Soul, Black Milk

Hailing from the East Side of Buffalo, the Supreme General makes his ambitions evident on his latest album It’s My Turn!!!… The Throne Ascension LP. The album, full of over the top statements and spacious beats is simultaneously larger-than-life and artfully stripped back—on “F***In Wit The Best” has the rapper dropping bars over a highly condensed beat laid over a trumpet line, while “The Eyes of Real Negus” is broken down into a soulful vocal line and grooving beat, microcosms of the album as a whole. 

The Supreme General’s enthusiasm comes through not only in his braggadocios lyrics but in the ample exclamation points at the end of each track‚—a theme of the album of sorts that leaves no question to rapper’s zeal. Highlights include the single “It’s My Turn!!! (feat. Jy the Vocalist), “F****n Wit the Best!!!,” and the dazed and druggy “#Gshit.” Find It’s My Turn!!! on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.